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Quebrada Gramadal
    Alejandro Chu was working in uncharted archeological territory around Huarmey, an isolated coastal town about four hours north of Lima. One of the main purposes of the project was to establish a cultural chronology for the region from as early as the Late Preceramic until the Late Intermediate Period. In the process, he hoped to learn about the lives and subsistence patterns of coastal fishermen, especially relating to how they deal with El Niņos. Alejandro was kind enough to allow myself and three other Ithaca College students work with him while learning and practicing archeological techniques. During my three weeks in Huarmey, we opened up two sites at Quebrada Gramadal. The first site was a collection of overlapping Late Intermediate homes, and the second was a preceramic architectural terrace.

Click on this picture to see a large version of a 360 degree view from the cliff above our first site:

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