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    The World Alive...   journeys by Joe Holler

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Rereading it, I thought the old introduction made me sound like a lunatic.  Maybe I am, but there's no need of advertising the fact, right?  At any rate, here's chronological breakdown of how I arrived at the places on the map:

1999 Summer Before College
   British Columbia
1999-2003 College
   Ithaca, New York
2000 Summer Break
   Las Vegas, Nevada
2001 Spring Semester
   Semester at Sea website
      South Africa
      Viet Nam
      Hong Kong
2002 Summer Fieldwork
2003 Summer After College
   Maine Windjammer Cruises website
   Roadtrip to Southwest USA
2003-2005 Peace Corps ~ Tanzania
2006 Back Home
   New York

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